meg (exitwounds) wrote,

i'm tired and i'm tired and i'm tired and i'm tired

so i think this is what i'm going with for my new postcard image. i swear to god i'm so nitpicky these days, but i like how it turned out. i still am not 100% on doing size reduction i must admit, but whatever i guess. it feels weird to me, mostly because i have been trying colors i don't use all the time, like pink and purple. purple especially, if i can use it in unexpected small doses it's nice.

my neighborhood is further becoming more weird in all its disjointed run down glory. such as: today during my evening walk i noticed two old men moving furniture out of the brick house across the street, which seemed odd since hippie-ish kids in their twenties live there. then i pass the pickup truck and notice a gigantic gold leaf statue of buddha sitting in the truckbed. and apparently our neighbor whom we have never met til today but has owned the house next door is australian or irish; couldn't quite place his accent.

my sketchbook has been used more often these days than it had been, which is a good thing. i've been trying to practice different faces/body types/clothing to differentiate the figures from each other; i had a critique last year that really stuck with me about how i would simplify faces too much. i'm having more fun trying to draw different noses. and like in the postcard, light eyes! i think i'll have to incorporate that more. i really want to incorporate more tattoos and freakshow/carnival things. i wish i had gotten to the mutter this month. alas!

i want sailor pants. and i want garishly bright cowboy boots, but that's neither here nor there. must find a gay cowboy apparel store or something.

fanny pack? sure! bear with goggles? why the hell not?

i admit, i like the crocodiles and that thunderbird headmask.

anyway, been listening to lots of enon and pizzicato five- ergo, poppy redux. i need more musical suggestions for the heathenpod, if you have any music i might've never heard of? trying to branch out.
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